Choose Good Upholstered Storage Bed


Upholstered storage bed – Is having a few meters in the bedroom a problem? Not with ingenuity and good decorative ideas. Discover how you can take advantage of the space and gain warmth. Do you like to see what closet bottom you have? Then dare with cupboards without doors in your dressing room. In this way you will know everything you have. But be careful because this option is only valid for the super-ordered ones. I hope it’s your case! Building a custom wall and placing it in front of the window allows us to create a new space to put the bed.

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In this way, you will also get the most out of the natural light of this room. Do you want a feeling of spaciousness? Use upholstered storage bed in white or light tones that multiply the light, especially if they are rooms with low ceilings. Take advantage of textiles and accessories to add color notes.

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Making a custom wall allows you to also bet on the bedside tables integrated and flown. It is a light and functional solution, very practical when it comes to sweeping or passing the mop. If you want the upholstered storage bed to be the protagonist of your room, install wardrobes up to the ceiling to gain space. Locate the bed in the center of the room with a small wall as headboard.


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