Good To Try Platform Storage Bed Queen

Platform Storage Bed Queen Rustic

If you live in a region that sees the seasons go by, you may have noticed that it is often necessary to have several quilt games on hand. Between summer and winter, the house is getting colder and so are we in our platform storage bed queen. It is therefore good to adapt quickly to these changes in temperature without the need to return the entire house. Tip: By putting duvet, hot water bottle and plaid in the drawers, you will be able to warm up in a while!

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In this apartment, it was not easy to preserve the intimacy of the inhabitants without dividing the space. By opting for a multifunctional “box” that combines platform storage bed queen, the architects have found the best solution. Tip: Open on two sides, the cube gives a real perspective. The purple wall matching the sheets suggests that the space is deeper than we think.

We tend to improve the head of his bed. But it is also interesting to try to give a different function to the foot of your bed. Placed on small trestles, the frame made of a simple wooden board is extended. It allows to clear a small storage space where to put our books of the moment. Tip: By installing platform storage bed queen a little higher than the standard wants, the extension will become a side table or console as needed.

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