Ingenious Designs Storage Bunk Beds

Child Storage Bunk Beds

Up or down? How can we not remember those discussions with the brothers, cousins ​​and friends of whom I was going to sleep up or down when there was a litter? These types of storage bunk beds transport us to our childhood and youth, but they are not always exclusively for the youngest, they can also serve as an excellent space and storage solution in a room.

This solution for a small space or a totally open floor plan, creates 3 rooms in one: a living room in the lower part, protected by the structure of the same furniture, a small library on the outside in each of the shelves that create an interesting game of non-repetitive rhythms and finally a bedroom on top, where the storage bunk beds is located. Really ingenious!

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The bunk we has a nested bed system, which means that the lower storage bunk beds can be slid and stored when not in use. This allows having more space in the room while it is not necessary to have the extra bed. Drawers at the bottom of it provide more places to store things and their neutral tones and wood give a touch of maturity, making it more appropriate for a young adult in search of a more practical solution for your bedroom.

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