Many Ideas Loft Beds with Storage


Loft beds with storage – The bed occupies much of the space available in a bedroom and in some cases, practically all … In addition, the floors that have been built in recent years are smaller. On the one hand, because they were intended to compensate for the high prices. On the other, to adapt to new social realities such as ‘singles’, couples without children or single-parent families. For these reasons, many people need to find ways to save space in the bedroom.

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Every bedroom needs spaces for storage. But if the bed occupies a large part of the room, perhaps you do not get loft beds with storage drawers or a chest of drawers, in addition to the closet. This solution is creative and functional, consisting of a high headboard with a bottom, whose back contains several large drawers. At the same time, its size and height function as a screen divider. It’s like 3 in 1: headboard, drawer and divider.

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Surely you’ve seen hundreds of images of nest-type beds, loft beds with storage drawers and beds with canapĂ©. But have you ever seen a bed located above a closet? Well here you have it. It is an idea that, although you need the work made to measure by a professional carpenter, you can solve the problem of space in your bedroom or your loft floor.


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