Special Bunk Beds With Storage And Desk Study

Bunk Beds With Storage And Desk Study

Today we bring some ideas for bunk beds with storage and desk. Coming directly from the USA, this bed offers above all a quality of incomparable sleep. But it also allows you to simply read, watch TV and even eat in bed. The storage under the mattress also stores cushions and accessories that we do not need every day. Tip: It is not always easy to handle such a bed. Opt instead for an electric model.

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To maximize the space available, you can also choose to gain height. By positioning your bunk beds with storage and desk base at 75 cm from the floor, you clear a lot of space for storage. Tip: This atypical bed is associated with a step ladder that is easy to handle. It will become in turn small staircase and improvised bedside.

Imagine that you have only one module to install to build your bedroom. It would be really easier than having to manage furniture items and optimized circulation. The good idea with this bed is that even if it seems a little massive, it is self-sufficient with bedside and storage in one block. Tip: Positioned in the center of the room, this bunk beds with storage and desk creates a surprise!

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